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Fucked strange guy after show party continues

06:41 s. Annabel-Massina


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Towed Fucked the After Show Party. This is how I imagine a successful party. We got along great the whole time. And when he wanted to take me home, too, I couldnt say no. There he stood shyly in the living room and waited for his coffee. But instead he got a hot posing and a hot blowjob from me. Despite his excitement, his cock swelled rapidly and pushed into my throat. Now please fuck me! I lay upside down on the back of the sofa with my dripping wet cunt and legs spread wide in front of him as he penetrated me deeply with his throbbing cock. He packed my cunt more and more wildly. MMHH thats a great feeling. I just let myself fall backwards over the armrest and he nailed me in various positions without my limbs. Ass cheeks smacked and tits jiggled. When he came to the climax, he spit on my entire cunt. As I said, a successful party. This is a great review of this after show party

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