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Milf rides 22cm young cock part 1

05:36 s. Annabel-Massina


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Riding on a huge cock until the ass cheeks tremble. (With close-ups) XXS vs. XXL = Ouch. Without much blabla pure the big fat part. It hurt a bit at the beginning when the broad pink head didnt really harmonize with the small XXS cunt. But with a little momentum and pressure, the glans finally squeezed into the little pussy. This big fat cock is devouring my tight little pussy. But then it fucks like clockwork and cock and cunt are one. MMMHHH first slowly in and out and then the tempo changes, becoming a little faster. With my hot pelvic swing ride we get going. Now Ill give you a footjob and then tie your cock in front of me with my little feet. See you for the 2nd part.... please dont forget to rate it.

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