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Ass horny after work with foot SEX fetish

06:17 s. DianaMelano


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What a hard day at the office! When I got home my feet hurt! I was on my feet all day in high heels and was glad when I finally sat down on the cam sofa! Some webcam chat to relax. Then user Rene came into the chat and wrote me his wish. "Please show me your feet" I pulled my panties down, the fishnet tights, the high heels off my feet and massaged my feet as he wrote! Oh yes, that felt so good. But suddenly I noticed how the whole thing was totally horny! Apparently he has a total foot fetish! He wants to lick toes and soles and snails. The thought of his fat bulge in his hand made me horny immediately and he didnt have to be asked twice to jerk off his cock (dildo) with his feet. And before he knew it, he had my sexy feet on his cock and he got a hot footjob! I rub the pink dildo until it almost exploded and I gave it a countdown and squirted the cum onto my tender little feet. Would you like to massage my feet too? Ill return the favor too :) #fetish #footjob #dianamelano #dirtytalk

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