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Towed-Fucked-Injected after Oktoberfest

05:56 s. DianaMelano


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Its that time again, the Oktoberfest is in full swing. When I met the horny Peter there! Followed , Picked up Fucked the Oktoberfest party goes on. We got along right away and Peter was also very generous. When he also wanted to take me home I couldnt say no. There I was in his single apartment and things went straight to the point. He got a hot posing and a hot blowjob from me. His cock swelled rapidly and I took him deep in my throat. Now lets finally fuck! Nothing like quickly on his bed, Im already sitting on his throbbing cock that penetrated deep into me. We rammed wilder and wilder in the fuck ride. Is that cool finally a bare cock in me again. When we came to the climax, he squirts his entire load of cum into my cunt. Look how the sperm runs out of the hole and how delicious the sperm tastes Mmm delicious. That was a successful Oktoberfest fuck.

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