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Nice-Spritz/ NS Fountain - Smoking in WinterWonderworld

05:08 s. DianaMelano


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Snow Time Outdoor Smoking Piss break in the total snowy outdoors. I pee horny in the snow; what goes in as water at the top comes out of the cunt as a fresh, bubbling pee at the bottom. Mmm delicious fresh piss for you, open your mouth wide and imagine how it squirts in your mouth. I just empty myself here and now in the absolute hottest position. The joy of all the snow is mega and the tits and cracks get a snow massage. Well, then Ill have fun and lay down a hot WinterWonderWorld Strip. I hope you like what Im wearing underneath. The cold doesnt bother me at all, but actually I hang out in the outdoor sauna in winter. LOL there is now a piss ice rink!!! Oops, what a sparkling piss fountain is that coming out of my cunt. Its unbelievable, I almost pissed all over my cell phone camera. You may now lick my piss ass rosette clean and be my toilet paper, because I have nothing with me. But now nothing like home because there is a hot steam bath to warm up. And you horny leave your rating there.

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