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Horny smoking break with orgasmic pussy

03:40 s. DianaMelano


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Having breakfast on the balcony I need a cigarette and I`m sooooo wet in the crotch and haven`t been fucked for 2 days. So just put the dress up, without panties and smoke comfortably, enjoy the cigarette and secretly play with the cunt. I can feel how wet I am already and it gets me even more excited when I see that the neighbors are outside too. Next to it, the old woman hangs up her laundry and the guy Start in his newspaper, why don`t they fuck?? I would let him fuck me right here now; But the fact that you are there doesn`t stop me from rubbing my wet, horny cunt until I have a mega wet orgasm that sprout through my body like a volcano. every muscle moves and the brain sits and enjoys the moment. Wanking off in the morning drives away sorrow and worry. Just lean back, enjoy me and jerk off with your pants down. #dianamelano #smoking #smoking #cunt #orgasm #public

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