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He has not been in Germany for too long and did not have much experience with women. And certainly not with white women, because he had not yet. But courage should be rewarded, I thought as he wrote to me and asked if he should fuck me. Of course I thought so, because I have not had such a boy from Kenya yet. Sweet as he licks a cunt from a white woman for the first time. Totally greedy and horny it seems to make him, because his cock is there all the time. Then I blow his young cock and sit down on him. He whispers to me that I should slow down otherwise he will be spitting. But after he licked my ass and then fucked me doggy it was finally done to him. He spits off and could not stop his lust for his first white wife.

18 vuotias tumma mies saa ekaa kertaa valkoista

  09:51 07.11.2018  DirtyTina


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