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3-hole HARDCORE humiliation :o FUCK my tight teeny holes!!!

05:55 s. Juicy-Jane


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Ive never had that before!!! My buddy and I have a deal that we do not have sex with each other, but do it to each other, no matter how. Since he actually said that we should try out how much I can get in my young ass.... I always wanted to have some harder anal fun, but that one pushes me right away so much, I never thought that :o That such a big thing fits :o And then even in all holes at the same time. Am I now completely crazy? What do you think, can it still be harder? Should I push the whole thing even further to the extreme??? I definitely had my fun, but there was unfortunately no dick available at the time. Would be at least my first time double penetration :o Who want that with me???

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