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The total failure - really lousy date!

07:01 s. Mira-Grey


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This date I had imagined differently. I was alone at home and had incredible desire for a well-built man. So a real Sunnyboy, tanned and muscular, young and persistent. Every now and then you should treat yourself to something. So I book a model through an agency who fits this profile. But all the anticipation was blown away when this guy came up the stairs. I thought first that must be a mix-up. On my question where my super model remains, comes only the clumsy answer "He is sick". This guy, however, goes full on, ignoring my objections completely. He pushes me down and puts his cock in my mouth, I do not even get to say what. I am so shocked and somehow have no choice as he just doggy fucks me. He takes it as he wants, how cruel for me. He fucks me pretty hard but I have mixed feelings. When I then slowly come up to speed, he simply injects me in the face, dresses and goes - so you have experienced something like that ?? Im still very confused what just happened here.

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