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Ass obsessed trainee fucks me, vx

06:48 s. Annabel-Massina


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90% of men stare at me. My colleagues and especially my new trainee are also after my ass. The same unpleasant situation every day when leaving the office. My colleagues from the other departments follow me around, examine me from the front and back and dont dare speak to me. My trainee, who is new to our department, does exactly the same thing. But today I gather all my courage and talk to him. He likes my hot jeans that I always wear. One thing led to another and I had him on the hook. Hes so fixated on his ass that he had to reach for his cock straight away, the little lusty newt. Just unpack your cock and put it in my mouth. After the delicious blowjob, he fucked me hotly from behind. WOW, I wouldnt have thought that I could get this young hopping trainee around so quickly. #blond #ass #stiefeletten

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