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Your horny sex psychologist!!!

09:29 s. TiffanyWet


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Hey my dear, Nice that you made it to my session on time. Its come to my attention that we have a little problem in your trousers! Your gaze wanders from my high heels up to my short skirt! I look at you through my glasses with my blouse slightly unbuttoned. Your constant boner and permanent horniness have led you to me. Armed with a notepad and pen, I make a pair of notes about you. But somehow your horny sex psychologist seems to have other methods of therapy. Your plump boner has not escaped my notice! I want to help you my dear, but of course I have to meticulously analyse how much and how often you squirt!!! And of course Id like you to demonstrate that to me. Yes, as you will now realise, my methods are different! But efficient!!! You can hardly believe your eyes when your psychologist suddenly starts to undress. Heavy moans flood the meeting room. Your psychologist, driven by her own lust, suddenly starts to get it on hard in front of your eyes. Well... what do you think of my perverted therapy?!

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