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Secretly masturbated in my parents sauna!!!

10:17 s. TiffanyWet


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Hey my dear, Today I was visiting my parents. Since I know that they have a great sauna in their garden, I couldnt resist packing my dildo. The warm weather always makes me extremely horny! Once there, I got rid of my clothes and wrapped a sauna towel around myself. I had already smuggled my dildo into the sauna. My desire to get it in my parents garden sauna was really big and super risky because they were home!!!! I closed the door behind me and entered the sauna. The light in the cosy wooden sauna was comfortably warm and made my lust increase immeasurably. I dropped the towel and wasted no time! The dildo was pushed straight into my wet cunt and I enjoyed every single thrust. Through the glass of the sauna door I suddenly saw someone walking steadily along in front of the door in the garden. I didnt recognise who it was and just continued uninhibited. I started riding my dildo on the wooden bench. The risk of being caught was immense, because none of the doors could be locked. Was I caught?

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